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    At PocketPetPouch, we take our job of providing the best products for our spiky friends very seriously. That's why we put our heart and soul into handcrafting many of our products in our own PocketPetPouch studio. We also work with other small crafting businesses who share our love for hedgehogs and all things cute

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    Our dedication to your hedgehog's safety is just as important as their comfort. That's why we've made sure to incorporate a key safety feature into our PocketPetPouch design: no visible stitching for little claws to catch on! You can rest easy knowing that your hedgehog's snuggle bag is not only cozy, but also safe for them to use.

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    We're always expanding our selection of hedgehog products to ensure that we have something for every huffing body. Whether you're a brand new hedgehog parent or a hedgie pro- you can always come here to check out the latest supplies to gift your pet. We even offer gift cards for that special hedgehog owner in your life!


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