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Honey Bee PocketPetPouch Snuggle Sack

Honey Bee PocketPetPouch Snuggle Sack

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A PocketPetPouch is a snuggle sack designed for your hedgehog, rat, guinea pig, sugar glider, or any other small pet weighing under 700g- to snuggle, sleep, or play in.

  • 12 inches long and 10 inches wide.
  • Cotton fabric Shell and Anti-Pill Fleece/Poly fabric Lining.
  • High durability strait-stitched together by a poly/cotton thread and then re-sewn with an over-lock machine that binds the pieces together with 4 interlocked poly/cotton threads.
  • Hand-sewn with a hidden finished safety seam to ensure that there are no exposed threads for little claws or toes to catch on. This feature also ensures that the pouch will last longer, as there is no risk of stitching coming undone over time.

The PocketPetPouch can be machine washed in cool water and tumble-dried on low. If you decide to “hang to dry”, we recommend turning the lining out to speed up drying time. 

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