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Flukers Ceramic Heat Emitter 150 WATT Replacement Bulb

Flukers Ceramic Heat Emitter 150 WATT Replacement Bulb

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Flukers Ceramic Heat Emitter produces no light while radiating intense direct heat, providing an ideal 24-hour heat source for hedgehogs, reptiles, and small animals that need heat to prevent hibernation attempts. This is an excellent solution for establishing the correct environmental temperature range (ETR) for your pet.

  • Radiates intense infrared heat, but no light
  • Ideal 24-hour heat source
  • Lasts up to 25,000 hours

The Ceramic Heat Emitter allows your pet to get the heat it needs, without a bright, blinding light causing harmful stress. Radiant heat is critical for providing your pet with a healthy habitat. Ideal ETR varies from species to species; consult your pet professional for lighting recommendations for your pet.

Directions: Screw Heat Emitter into Flukers Repta-Lamp. Clamp lamp at one end of the enclosure (basking area) and plug in. DO NOT place Heat Emitter over glass or plexiglass. Make sure it is well above any bedding or fleece. DO NOT allow your pet to contact the heat emitter. Turn emitter on and allow to heat for 30 minutes. Measure the floor temperature of the enclosure under the heat emitter to determine that it is appropriate for your pet.

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