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Whipped Cloud Soft Paw Balm

Whipped Cloud Soft Paw Balm

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This whipped paw balm is crafted in the USA with natural Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, and Organic Cocoa Butter. These ingredients can work wonders for soothing dryness and irritation, giving your little hedgehog some much-needed TLC after their nightly wheel marathons! Wax-free & lick-safe.

To get the most out of it: After your hedgie's bath (and those inevitable poopy boots are taken care of!), use a clean Q-tip to scoop out a bit. Massage onto paws, nose, back of ears, and skin. Can be used regularly as part of your hedgehog's grooming routine.

Please note that because of the natural cocoa butter, there is a scent. Keep out of heat as ingredients may melt & separate.
Stored in glass 1oz Jar.

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