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Did Some Bunny Say Spring? Box

Did Some Bunny Say Spring? Box

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This box is packed with everything your hedgehog needs to be happy and healthy.

Inside, you'll find a cozy and comfortable PocketPetPouch spring-themed snuggle bag - handsewn with love, this is the perfect spot for your hedgehog to snuggle up and take a nap.

Includes a small cuddly bunny plush, which is the perfect size for snuggling up. The perfect plush buddy for a spring or Easter photoshoot. 

A specially designed anointing pouch that is sewn with no visible threads and pet-safe crinkle. The pouch can be filled with the provided mint tea bag or any hedgie-safe scented item. Sure to encourage some curious play.

The pompom that is made from soft, high-quality fleece and has been carefully crafted by hand.

A set of easter-themed fairy lights, which will add a touch of magic to any enclosure setting. The lights feature delicate pastel-colored eggs, carrots, or bunnies, (leave us a note if you want a specific set) and can be strung up anywhere you like.

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