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Food Truck Frenzy (Past Hedgehog Box)

Food Truck Frenzy (Past Hedgehog Box)

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Get ready to treat your prickly pal to the ultimate flavor seeking adventure with the Food Truck Frenzy Hedgehog Box! This box has everything your hedgehog needs to join you on your quest to stuff your face at the summer night Smorgasburg.

The Foodie-themed PocketPetPouch snuggle bag is perfect for snuggling up in while you inhale those tacos. Your hedgehog will be cozy and comfortable all day long, just like you in your food coma.

The inflatable Pizza bath toy is the perfect addition to bath time - your hedgehog will love splashing around with it and pretending to be a giant pizza topping.

And of course, what's a food truck frenzy without a Taco Truck? The push-around Taco Truck is easy to clean and makes for the perfect prop in your next Instafood post. #TacoTruckGoals

Last but not least, we've included a special treat for your foodie pal to indulge in while you both dream of your next delicious adventure. Bon appétit, hedgies!

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